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T-Max Lending LLC Multifamily Loan Program

Multifamily Loans

T-Max Lending LLC Multifamily Loan Program
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T-Max Lending LLC offers customized loan solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Our fast and efficient loan process allows us to close a multifamily bridge loan in as little as 2-3 weeks at a competitive rate of 10.70%, giving you the flexibility to act quickly on your investment. We provide the financing solution so you can enjoy the residual income, cash flow, and future appreciation that comes with owning an apartment complex.


We provide direct loans for those seeking investments beyond single-family homes. Multifamily real estate properties consist of two or more separate units, making them attractive investments. Like all our direct private money lending programs, we ensure a hassle-free and reliable loan process. Multifamily properties are among the most popular investments for real estate investors. While traditional financing was commonly used in the past, multifamily private money loans through Stratton Equities now offer an alternative capital source for investors.


Investing in multifamily real estate properties offers the advantage of generating strong cash flow each month. It's an excellent option for real estate investors looking to develop a large portfolio of rental properties, allowing them to build their portfolio relatively quickly by purchasing multifamily properties.

The following property types are eligible for our Multifamily loan program:

Multi Family

Mixed Use

                                                            Loan Overview

Loan Amount: $500,000  -  $50,000,000

Max LTC:  90% (Max LTC) 80% (Purchase) 75% (Refinance) 70%
Term Length: 6 - 60 months 
Interest Rate: Starting at 10.75%
Credit Requirement: No Min FICO
Amortization: Interest only
Closing Time: 2 - 3 Weeks Max
Loan Use: Renovation, Purchase, refinance, cash-out, construction.

Origination fee:  1% -5%
Processing and Underwriting Fee: Based on Project size.

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