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T-Max Lending LLC Hard Money Loan program

Hard Money Loans

T-Max Lending LLC Hard Money Loan program

T-Max Lending LLC offers hard money loans without the excessive underwriting typical of traditional banks. We understand that for builders, time is money, and unforeseen issues can arise with new construction. As a nationwide hard money and private money lender for real estate investment properties, we offer innovative hard money loan programs tailored to meet your needs, regardless of the type of mortgage loan you seek for your investment property.

A hard money loan is a short-term, asset-based loan that provides funds for acquiring and repairing investment properties. As asset-based real estate private lenders, we focus on the hard asset, such as real estate, rather than the borrower's credit and financial worthiness. The asset backs these short-term loans and tends to close much faster than traditional loans, often requiring less down payment from the borrower.

As a recognized leader in real estate financing, we've designed a comprehensive suite of hard money loan solutions to meet the diverse needs of investors. Whether you're working on your first project or managing a portfolio of properties, our programs are crafted to ensure flexibility, quick turnarounds, and competitive rates.

The following property types are eligible for our Hard Money loan program:



Multi Family



Loan Overview

Loan Amount:    $500,000, - $50,000,000
Term Length:    6 - 36 months
Max LTV:    Up to 80%
Amortization:    Interest only
Interest Rate:    Starting at 9.35%
Closing Time:    1 - 2 Weeks
Loan Use:    Purchase, refinance, cash-out, construction, renovation.

Origination Fee: 1% - 5%
Processing and Underwriting Fee: Based on Project Size
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