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Since our establishment, we've prioritized prompt payment and incentivizing brokers and referral sources!
At T-Max Lending. We recognize the pivotal role they play in private money transactions, aiming to ensure swift compensation and inspire ongoing partnerships.


               Over $5,000,000 paid out in referral

We Do Not Rely On Third Party Capital To Get Deals Done, And We Make Our Own Funding Decisions.

T-Max Lending ensures execution certainty by granting direct access to the T-Max Lending Family's robust balance sheet. With over 25 years of real estate expertise and a decade in lending, we typically finalize deals within two to three weeks, occasionally expediting to just one week. Additionally, transparency is paramount in our underwriting and funding procedures, with a commitment to promptly address inquiries and emails. We also prioritize safeguarding broker payouts by integrating broker fees seamlessly into our loan documents.

We take pride in fostering a culture centered on relationships and supporting brokers.

01. Mortgage bankers
02. Brokers
03. Advisors & Consultants
04. Accountants
05. Attorneys
06.Other real estate and non-real estate professionals

Our business is designed to address the following needs of brokers:

01. Certainty and speed of execution
02. Transparency and responsiveness
03. Protecting broker payouts

Do we pay referral fees?

We view it as a marketing expense. You have the flexibility to opt for direct payment, pass it on to the borrower, or even donate it to charity. Whatever your preference, it's acceptable to us, as we see it as a necessary aspect of conducting business. Remarkably, this approach keeps us so occupied that we rarely need to advertise. Our program extends to lenders, loan officers, mortgage brokers, realtors, CPAs, attorneys, and anyone interested in generating additional income while assisting others in securing financing they might otherwise struggle to obtain. We greatly appreciate our relationships with bank loan officers, realtors, residential mortgage brokers, and all our partners, as they are responsible for the majority of our referrals. As a token of our appreciation, we offer a referral fee of 30% of our gross fees for the first three referred deals resulting in closings. Subsequently, once you've referred three loans within a calendar year that successfully closed, we continue compensating you at a rate of 25% of our gross fees for any subsequent deals throughout the year.

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